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Arknights | Operator Key Charm | 4th Anniv

Arknights | Operator Key Charm | 4th Anniv

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The Operator Key Charm features Amiya, Muelsyse, Kal'tsit, Młynar, Eyjafjalla and Ch'en. They also come with a small accessory that's closely related to their corresponding operator. Whether you put them on your satchel or use them as keychains, they'll let you feel constant companionship.

*Estimated time of shipment: From early Apr, 2024

Product Details:


- A: Amiya

- B: Muelsyse

- C: Kal'tsit

- D: Młynar

- E: Eyjafjalla

- F: Ch'en

Size: 4×6cm / 1.6×2.4in

Material: Acrylic

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