Arknights | Fridge Magnet | 2nd Anniv

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These Epoxy Fridge Magnets each features a different popular Arknights character (4 kinds in total). Ideal for decorating and fixing photos on any magnetic surface.

Product Details:

Type: 4 in one set


 - Ch'en: 5.6x7 cm / 2.2x2.8 in

 - Angelina: 6.1x7 cm / 2.4x2.8 in

 - Mudrock: 6x7 cm / 2.4x2.8 in

 - Eyjafjalla: 6.1x7 cm / 2.4x2.8 in

Material: Epoxy Magnet

Estimated time of shipment: After mid-March

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