Arknights | Barrage Fortress - Character Game Cartridge Set | April Fools' Day 2023

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Congratulations on becoming our player, Doctor.

Our Special Game Cartridges features 6 Characters. Bring a touch of ingenuity to your collection with these Game Cartridges. The Game Cartridge Set includes the entire series of 6 Characters and 1 Limited Conviction, all in one set.

*Disclaimer: It's a collectible/decorative item, not a real game cartridge.

*Estimated time of shipment: From mid May, 2023

Product Details:


- A: 6 Characters + 1 Limited Conviction in one set

- B: Exusiai

- C: Ifrit

- D: Schwarz

- E: Sora

- F: Croissant

- G: Iris

Size: 6×8.2cm / 2.4×3.2in


- Game Cartridge: Acrylic

- Box: Paper

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