Arknights | 1st Anniversary Illustration Collection

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Total amount of the first batch: 1500
Time of Shipment: From March 20th

Total amount of the second batch: 1200
Time of Shipment: From May 15th

Collection Box
Size: 31.5cm*24cm*4cm

Inside the Box:

1st Anniversary Art Book
Size: 28.5cm*21cm
Material: Coated Paper
Details: 80 pages created by 72 artists

Postcard Set (6 in one set)
Size: 16cm*9cm
Material: Specialty Paper

Poster Set (2 in one set)
Size: 28.5cm*21cm
Material: PVC

W Key Chain
Size: Charm - 5cm, Chain - 8.5cm*1.5cm
Material: Metal

Coaster Set (2 in one set)
Size: Diameter - 11cm
Material: Acrylic

Fridge Magnet Set (2 in one set)
Size: 5.8cm*5.8cm
Material: Epoxy Magnet

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