Azur Lane | Keycap Set | Valentine's Day 2023

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The Valentine's Day Box comes with a limited Character Pin and Keycap Set (including 10 pieces) in a well-designed gift box. It could be a special gift for yourself or someone dear. There are also 2 alternative keycap sets with 5 pieces each for you to choose from.

*The Valentine's Day Box is available for a limited time from Feb. 14th to Mar. 13th, 2023.

*Estimated time of shipment: From 14th Mar, 2023

Product Details:


- A: Valentine's Day Box (Gift box, Character pin, Keycap set - 10 keys)

- B: Keycap Set -1 (Arrow Keys, Right Shift)

- C: Keycap Set -2 (A, L, Esc, Tab, Spacebar)

Version: Enterprise, Essex

Size: Standard (Mechanical Keyboard)

Material: PBT

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