Arknights | Dim Mak Collection | Bucket Hat

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Dim Mak x Arknights Collaboration merch is different from other products. They Must be ordered separately. 

Please do not place D.M Collection order together with other collections under any circumstances. 

(Separate orders will not incur additional shipping charges)


The official Dim Mak x Arknights Collaboration.

Dim Mak started off as a record label in very DIY fashion, by any means necessary. The Essential apparel, made by Dim Mak Collection, is an ode to the history of our movement since 1996. Always keep the Essentials with you.

Now collaborating with Arknights, the Bucket Hat features:

- Traditional styled fit. 

- “Dim Mak”, “Arknights” text with characters embroidered.

- “By Any Means Necessary” signature tag.

Fabric: 100% Cotton.

The product will be shipped directly from the US.