Azur Lane | Queen's Orders OVA

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Product Details:

Title: Azur Lane: Queen's Orders OVA

Main Story Specification: 1080p High Definition / 16:9 Widescreen / 1 Layer (BD25G) / Linear PCM 2.0ch Stereo

Subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean

Run time: Approx. 48 min. (including Part 1&2)

Number of discs: 3 (Main Story 1 disc + Bonus CD 2 discs)

Publisher: Yostar

Distributor: Yostar

<Bonus Content>

Bonus Video

- Non-credit OP/ED

- Anime Promotion PV Collection

- Original Manga "Azur Lane: Queen's Orders" Motion Comic Video

- Azur Lane Music Variety Program "AzuJam" Video

Bonus Audio

- Song CD with Opening Theme "Bloomin', Ending Theme "There'll Always Be a Tea Party!", and Character Song "Look At Me!"

- Original Sound Track CD "Queen's Orders Suite"

Enclosed Bonus

- Serial code to be used in mobile game "Azur Lane" (Android only): New Queen Elizabeth Swimsuit Skin

- Limited new manga by Tsuchii

- Special Sticker

- Special Booklet

Non-enclosed Bonus

- Three-sided outer case with new illustrations drawn by Tsuchii

- Three-sided Digipak with anime character designs

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